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  • Project
  • 3.10 winery borned on a 3rd of October 2012 by the illusion and love that three people have for wine and everything that surrounds it. Our beginnings were slow, but sure, the first years we did small productions, since or idea was to start to shape an ambitious project and see the expectatives that our brand and our wines created, and always know the opinion of the final costumer. For this, we wanted to be clear about our model to follow in terms of image, evolution of our wines and objective markets. We think that we are finishing the model shape that we want to achieve; quality wines with their own imprint.

  • Where we are

    3.10 Celler wineries, is located on Pla de LLevant, east part from Mallorca island, where there is a large wine tradition. The winery counts with more than 16 ecological hectares divided into Manacor and Porreres. We have the certainty that the grape is extraordinary, the time and the affection that, to their care we dedicate constantly, they guarantee it.

  • Who we are

    3.10 celler winery is composed of three members. Miguel Feliu, Luis Feliu and Nacho Cordero. The first two are the owners of the vineyards, to which they dedicate themselves in body and soul; also, Miguel Feliu is our technical advisory, and has an extensive career dedicated to the world of wines, since he was for more than ten years the D.O. Pla i Llevant secretary, from where he passed to this particular and ambitious personal project. Nacho Cordero is dedicated to the commercial, logistical and administrative part of the winery, so that the joint dream grows base on the best wines.

  • The brand

    There are several interpretations that the 3.10 celler signature hides, many can be considered as real and certain, although only one is true:
    - We are 3 and in 10 minutes we were determined to start this Project.
    - We started with 3 wines in approximately 10 hectares.
    - 3 qualities (its colour, smell and flavour) that are a 10.
    - The Project was borned the 3rd of October.
    - Verses from 3 to 10, from the chapter 2 of the Gospel of Saint John (weddings of Cana, where Jesus turns water into wine.