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Estel 3.10
Our rose wine it's called Estel

Some children in a park playing with their paper kites, inspire a very fresh wine, soft and aromatic thought and made to drink at any hour. Callet is the variety that defines our Pink wine, an autochthons variety with enormous aromatic qualities and a vintage colour that makes the world look like cuttlefish.

Elaboration: Grape harvest and vinified divided in each variety. Light peculiar maceration, followed by a light press, to obtain the palid pink tone that appears in the wine. The flower must be transferred to a stainless-steel tank to carry out the fermentation at the controlled temperature that oscillates between 13 and 14ºC, the ageing is started over the same lees. The yeasts used in the fermentation are the ones we have in the vineyard. Bottling is carried out, at 6 months of grape harvest.

Grapes: Callet ,Merlot y Syrah.
Appearance: Has a color, which reminds of onion peel, pale and brilliant.
- Fragrance: Has a very ´homy´aroma. The oranges and citrus fruits of our island, fresh and free.
- Taste: It comes dry, balanced and silky.
Analysis: Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.