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Our vineyards are spread between Manacor, Porreres and Felanitx. We currently have more than 10 hectares of organic grapes, dominated by the native grape callet, prensal blanc and gyro. We have the certainty that the grape is extraordinary, the time and the affection that, to his care, we dedicate him constantly endorse it.

  • Ecological cultivation

    The ecological farming is a reunion with nature, and our vinicultural heritage. The environment, the viticultural landscape is taken care of and natural non-aggressive products are used. The self-sufficiency of the ecosystem is sought by closing cycles, composting organic matter and using green fertilizers or vegetal covers in search of the equilibrium of the plant and the environment. Comparing with the conventional viticulturist, in the vineyards of ecological cultivation a few years after there is a greater resistance to illnesses and pests, major quantity of yeasts in the skins of the grapes, higher total acidity and less PH, more aromatic quality and colour.

  • The climate

    The climate in this area has a positive influence on the vineyards, having an important role in the plant development and maturation of the grape, it is characterized by low rainfall, dry and hot summers and winters with night frosts, large temperature oscillations between day and night that favour the slow maturation of the grapes, accumulations of sugar and more concentration of tannins, polyphenols and colour of the wine