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Mr. Ruc
Our new red wine

Mr. Ruc is a wine of a very limited production, which the whims and the desire to improve has made us dedicate more time to it. It has 12 of barrel and aromas and tastes that make it a true delight. With this wine we do not only have the certainty of surprising but we know that the time will give us greater pleasure and pleasure.
Elaboration: similar to RUC, but with the difference that the barrels used are first year, the aging is 12 months and the grapes are selected at the work table.

- Appearance: Red violaceous colour. Medium high layer. Clean and bright. Persistent tear.
Fragrance: Intense aromatic intensity, where you can appreciate the aromas of black fruit, such as blackberry or black pump. Slightly mineral, with toasted and slightly smoked sugar tones coming from aging in oak barrels.
Taste: With avery good entry into the mouth, sweet and pleasant. Tannins and alcohol very well integrated. It has a very balanced acidity, which gives it freshness. The smoked flavours appear, remembering the aging. Very balanced and honest wine.
Maturation: 12 months in an oak barrel first year. Grapes. - Cabernet Sauvignon y Merlot. Grapes selected in the work table.
Alcohol. - 14,5 %