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The Ruc is said to be an animal, quiet, resistant, intelligent, greatful and kind, of dense and dark fur…that is what we are looking for in this wine. For this, we have combined Cabernet, Merlot, Callet and Syrah that helps us to achieve a coupage to get closer in a simple way to the quality of the good mallorquin wines with more and better lightness. Ruc 3.10 is a wine that can accompany any meal. Easy entry and with a very pleasant aftertaste that invites you to repeat.

-Appearance: Has an intense colour of pomegranate with light tones of blue.
-Fragrance: Has an intense aroma, lightly mineral, with toasted tones caused by the maturation in oak barrels.
-Taste: Has a good departure which is expressed in the balance of toasted and dairy tones, which are provoked by the 7-month maturation in oak barrels. -Maturation: 7 months in an oak barrel.
- Analysis: Alcohol: 14 % vol.; Total Acidity 5,45 g/l; PH: 3,511; Volatile Acidity: 0,42 g/l Residual Sugars: 0,28 g/l