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The best white wine

In Porreres, where a lot of our grapes come from, we call the bicycle Sitra. This Word is not used in any other part of the island, which makes it something nice and different. When you try a White Sitra, you get the citrus flavour of chardonnay together with a preferential odoriferous, and a sweet sauvignon blanc y girò. It is a wine to finish it in one sitting, ideal for sweet and soft dishes. It is like its name, nice and cheeky. Elaboration: Grape harvest and vinified divided in each variety. Peculiar maceration during a few hours, followed by a soft press. After a careful racking is transferred to a stainless-steel tank where the fermentation is carried out. The fermentation temperature is between 14 and 16ºC. When the fermentation is finished, the ageing is started over the same lees. A battonage is done during 5 months with a weekly periodicity. Bottling is carried out, at 6 months of grape harvest.

- Grapes: Chardonnay, Giró y Sauvignon Blanc.
- Appearance: Pale yellow, with green tones.

- Fragrance: Intense aroma, dominated by citric and white fruits, elegant and flowery.

- Taste: Expressive free taste which has a fruity and acidy departure.
Analysis: Alcohol: 13,0 % vol.