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Guided Tour of Our Vineyards

3.10 Celler

At 3.10 Celler, we offer you a complete wine experience in Mallorca. Visit our vineyards and learn about our facilities guided by our experts. An experience that culminates with a tasting of our red, white, and rosé wines and a lunch with local products.

For two hours, you will discover the passion and tradition behind our wines, all while enjoying the beauty of the island.

What does the visit include?

  • Guided tour of our vineyards and the Celler of our manor house
  • Guides available in Spanish, English, and German
  • Lunch with local products
  • Tasting of our red, white, and rosé wines

Guided Group Tour of Our Vineyards

catas de vino en grupo

Try our wines!

You will have the chance to dive into the world of wine while exploring our vineyards and learning about the history and cultivation techniques that make our exceptional wines possible. Share this experience with friends and family!

Furthermore, you will enjoy the company of other wine lovers, creating unforgettable memories in a cozy and fun atmosphere. Do not miss the opportunity to join us on this fascinating wine adventure at 3.10 Celler.

Visit Details:
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Groups: 10 to 20 people
  • Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (November to May: Starting at 16:00 – June to October: Starting at 19:00)
  • Price:32 per person.
  • Prepayment required
  • Free cancellation possible up to 72 hours before the visit

*Consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under 18 is prohibited.

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    Why Choose Us for Your Visit?

    We offer a unique wine experience in Mallorca that combines tradition, quality, and passion for wine. Our guided tour allows you to delve into the world of wine in an authentic and enriching way. With us, you will have the opportunity to explore our vineyards and learn up close about vine cultivation, wine making, and barrel aging. Additionally, we will guide you in a tasting experience where you can develop your senses and appreciate the diversity of aromas and flavors of our wines. At 310 Celler, we strive to provide an exceptional experience to our visitors, combining knowledge, quality, and hospitality at every step of the way.

    History and Environmental Commitment in Mallorcan Viticulture

    Learn about the rich history of wine in Mallorca and discover our commitment to sustainability in the vineyard and winery. At 310 Celler, we are proud of our evolution over time and our focus on environmental protection. Through our guided tour, we invite you to explore our passion for wine and the wine culture of Mallorca. Book now and let yourself be captivated by the charm of our vineyards!