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Celler 3.10

Quality wines with their own character

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Our family


3.10 winery borned on a 3rd of October 2012 by the illusion and love that three people have for wine and everything that surrounds it. Our beginnings were slow, but sure, the first years we did small productions, since or idea was to start to shape an ambitious project and see the expectatives that our brand and our wines created, and always know the opinion of the final costumer. For this, we wanted to be clear about our model to follow in terms of image, evolution of our wines and objective markets. We think that we are finishing the model shape that we want to achieve; quality wines with their own imprint.

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Ecological cultivation

Organic farming is a reunion with nature and with our viticultural heritage.

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The wort can naturally begin to ferment within 6-12 hours when aided by airborne wild yeasts. Plus, they add a commercial cultured yeast to ensure consistency and aid in your bottom line.

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Ageing & Bottling

Ageing and bottling is the final stage of the wine-making process. It also increases the wine's exposure to oxygen as it ages. Which reduces the tannin and helps the wine reach its optimum fruity. Steel tanks are commonly used for spicy white wines


2022 Vineyard

Viñedo 3.10 Celler

Our vineyards are distributed between Manacor, Porreres and Felanitx. We currently have more than 10 hectares of organic grapes, where the native grape callet, prensal blanc and giro predominate. We are certain that the grape is extraordinary, the time and care that we constantly dedicate to its care guarantee it.

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Celler 3.10

On the exquisite island of Mallorca, famous for its idyllic landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Celler 3.10 was born with the aim of creating unique and distinct wines. Crafted with the utmost attention and respect for the land, our organic wines are the result of a dedicated harmony between winemaking tradition and sustainable practices. The organic wines of Celler 3.10 are authentic ambassadors of the island’s essence, offering those who taste them a unique and genuine experience, where each sip is a journey through the flavors and aromas that only the Mallorcan vineyards can offer.

For wine enthusiasts seeking more than just a simple beverage, the wines of Celler 3.10 are an unparalleled choice. Our end products, which include indigenous varieties such as callet, prensal blanc, and giró, are the outcome of a holistic approach that embraces sustainability and innovation. From the careful pruning of the vines to the meticulous grape selection, every step in the production of our organic wines from Mallorca is infused with passion and a commitment to excellence. Moreover, by choosing Celler 3.10, you are supporting sustainable viticulture and contributing to the preservation of the beauty and diversity of Mallorca’s wine heritage for future generations. Discover the pleasure of savoring wines with character, personality, and a steadfast commitment to the environment. Cheers!