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Our reason for being

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Our vineyards are distributed between Manacor, Porreres and Felanitx. We currently have more than 10 hectares of organic grapes, where the native grape callet, prensal blanc and giro predominate. We are certain that the grape is extraordinary, the time and care that we constantly dedicate to its care guarantee it.

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Viña 3.10 Celler
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Organic farming

Organic farming is a reunion with nature and with our viticultural heritage. The environment is taken care of, the wine-growing landscape and little aggressive natural products are used. The self-sufficiency of the ecosystem is sought by closing cycles, composting organic matter and using green manures or plant covers in search of the balance of the plant and the environment. Comparing with the conventional viticulturist, in the organically grown vineyards after a few years a greater resistance to pests and diseases is observed, a greater amount of yeast in the grape skins, greater total acidity and less pH, higher aromatic quality and color .

The weather

The climate of this area has a positive influence on the vineyard, having an important role in the development of the plant and the ripening of the grapes, it is characterized by low rainfall, hot and dry summers and winters with night frosts, long temperature fluctuations between the day and at night that favor the slow ripening of the grape, accumulation of sugars and a higher concentration of tannins, polyphenols and wine color.

Over Ten Years of Experience

Our beginnings were slow but consistent. We chose limited productions in the early years, a cautious strategy that allowed us to enhance our product from the start while also studying the expectations generated by our brand and wines. This commitment to a long-term vision sets our vineyards apart.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our blend of innovative technology and traditional practices sets us apart. We employ state-of-the-art technology to monitor and optimize the growth of our vines, ensuring their utmost health and quality.

Our commitment to vineyard excellence is undeniable. With the island’s wine heritage as our standard, our Mallorca vineyard thrives through sustainable and environmentally respectful cultivation techniques we employ across our vineyards. Furthermore, the rich soil and unique Mediterranean climate contribute to the complexity and distinct character of our organic wines. Winery visitors can immerse themselves in an unforgettable wine tourism journey, tasting the essence of our vines with every sip, and understanding how landscape and tradition intertwine to produce wines of unparalleled flavor and quality.

Over the years, Viña 3.10 Celler has capitalized on the diversity and charm that the vineyards of Manacor, Porreres, and Felanitx have to offer. The meticulous care of our vines, coupled with an unwavering dedication to innovation, enables us to bring wines to your table that reflect the true essence of Balearic land. With each harvest, we strive to enhance and enrich our products, strengthening our bond with wine enthusiasts and solidifying our position as a benchmark in Mallorca’s wine scene. We invite you to become part of our history and explore the magic concealed behind each bottle produced in our prestigious vineyards. We hope you enjoy the delicious wines that stem from our vines, an authentic Mallorca treasure, as much as we enjoy crafting them.